A Workshop for Doctors and Other Medical Professionals

The human touch, intentionally and skillfully imparted, is a powerful agent of healing. When a patient feels genuinely cared by his or her doctor, ailment gives way to alliance. A therapeutic relationship is formed, motivation naturally develops, and obligatory checkups begin to feel more like meaningful catchups. Long after a patient’s final dosage has been completed and the ailment cured, it is this healing, human touch that will persist from visit to visit.

Outline and Aim

This two-session workshop aims to equip doctors with fundamental insights and skills to build rapport with their patients and achieve a more effective therapeutic alliance. The sessions integrate applied empathy in patient-care scenarios with practicable interpersonal connecting techniques (microskills) to enable participants to more effectively convey a sense of patient-centred care. This workshop is designed in particular for medical organisations with a sizeable number of doctors and other medical professionals.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this series, participants would be able to —

  1. Use empathy in a practical way to connect psycho-emotionally with their patients in various patient-care scenarios.
  2. Apply interpersonal connecting techniques (microskills) to effectively convey to their patients a sense of patient-centred regard.


Timing of Sessions

Sessions will be held on Saturday afternoons.


The facilitators are experienced mental health clinicians and trainers who have provided training on rapport-building and psycho-emotional supporting competencies at various Institutions of Higher Learning, Government Agencies, and Multinational Corporations.

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