Brainspotting Trainer Profile: Dr Roby Abeles

Dr. Roby Abeles is an accomplished, and in demand, psychotherapist with over 34 years of experience in diverse clinical, academic, government, and human services environments in Australia and the USA. She provides clinical supervision to therapist clients world-wide, is an international BrainspottingÔ, Trauma and Addictions trainer.

Her current private practice is based in Sydney, Australia where she provides Consultation and Supervision to mental health professionals world-wide.

Her specialist areas of training are BrainspottingTM (Trainer in Australia, NZ & USA) Somatic Experiencing (SEP), Ego State Therapy, 12 Step, Narrative Therapy, EMDR, and she is the co-developer of the MATES® Brain Regulation Program.

She has also developed a specialist training in BrainspottingTM and Addictions called “The Crocodile Set UpTM” which she teaches to mental health practitioners globally. Previous trainings have been in Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles (USA), London, (UK), Vienna (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Barcelona (Spain), Brasilia (Brazil), and Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). Next year, 2020, will see her BSP & Addictions training going to Ottawa, Canada, and Milan, Italy. A new website is in development.

The feedback from therapists trained in this BrainspottingTM intervention has been astonishing with many addicted clients being able to completely stop relapsing after 1 or 2 sessions with no desire to use at all. Clinical Research is planned for 2020.

Dr Abeles has a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology, a Double Masters in Applied Psychology and Spiritual Psychology, and a BA in Psychology, specialising in Chemical Dependency Counselling. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT#36667) in California, USA, and a Clinical member of PACFA (20556) in Australia.

Dr. Abeles is the Psychosocial and Clinical Advisor for the Sydney based, AusCam Freedom Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia which provides education and skills training to girls and young women vulnerable to human trafficking.

She is an advisory board member at the Serenity Trauma Healing Foundation (STHF) in Los Angeles, USA. STHF provide pro bono therapy to; victims of trafficking and other abuses, Veterans with ‘Military Sexual,’ and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

She is also the Clinical Consultant and co-developer at Goodsky Mental Health Retreat, based in Queensland, Australia. Goodsky Mental Health Retreat provide case managed PTSD, anxiety and depression treatmentprograms which get results using a shared care team using a well vetted and integrated team of mental health professionals, therapists and service providers that deliver a holistic and personalised lifestyle medicine approach.

Dr Abeles is Clinical Consultant to Blue Tiger Recovery, in Palm Springs, California, USA, which offers intensive outpatient, trauma focused specialty programs, for substance abuse, intimacy disorders & sex addiction.

Dr. Abeles is a clinical team member, at Leading Health Care International Ltd (LHCL) based in London, UK, which provides and facilitates world-wide, discreet, best practice care, for patients and families struggling with addictions, trauma and mental health issues.